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When You Need New Hires, Our Fort Worth Staffing Agency Is Here To Assist

Burnett’s Staffing wants to help match the most qualified candidates with the best possible position for their career. To that end, we work hard to provide the highest quality recruitment, screening, and customer service at all times. Among staffing companies in Dallas, Burnett’s has developed a reputation as an industry leader, and our recruiters are here to support your business through every step of the hiring process.

Some companies never think to work with a recruiting service when they have an open position to fill. The desire to handle the entire process yourself might cloud your judgment. You may feel like you’re giving up control over this important process, but the reality is that we’ll handle the grunt work while you still get to make all of the important decisions. We’ll weed through resumes and locate viable candidates for you, which means that you’ll reduce wasted time and energy and still get to choose from the cream of the crop. And who doesn’t want the chance to hire the best of the best? Having too many qualified candidates for one position is a problem you want to have.

Looking For Staffing Companies In Dallas? Here’s How Burnett’s Staffing Can Help Your Business


  • We have the time and resources to find you the best candidates
    Simply put, standard hiring processes are neither easy nor enjoyable. Finding even one viable candidate requires a colossal amount of work. Advertising the position, sifting through resumes, interviewing potential hires, and actually finding the right person for the job is extremely time-consuming — and many times, the results are less than desirable. Not only does this often result in poor hiring decisions, but it can also take away from the daily operations of your business. Our Dallas staffing agency (as well as our other locations) already have the resources available to find candidates to fit your needs — and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure of it.
  • We can reduce hiring stress and wasted time
    Recruiting and hiring employees yourself can be a time suck, to be sure, but it can also be incredibly stressful. It can be difficult to find a great fit for your business, but this shouldn’t be your chief concern. Instead of worrying about attracting the right candidate, our services can allow you to focus on what really matters (running your business!). We’ll take care of sorting through resumes and vetting employees to ensure you don’t have to squander time or effort on interviews with under-qualified candidates.
  • We can save your business money
    You might assume that using a service for recruiting and staffing in Dallas will cost more than you can really afford. But the truth is that using a reputable recruiting service will save you more in the long run. As we’ve mentioned, the hiring process alone requires both effort and funds, and being forced to hire an employee who isn’t up to snuff can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. By working with reliable staffing companies in Fort Worth, you can mitigate the risk of a poor hiring decision by getting it right the first time.


If your company is looking for the most trusted staffing company Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer, there’s only one name you need to know. For 50 years, Burnett’s Staffing has been a leader in our industry. We’d love to help ensure the employees you hire are highly qualified, motivated, and an excellent fit for your needs. To find out more about how we can foster success within your organization, contact us today.

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