Our contract employees are the reason Burnett’s Staffing Inc. is a leading provider of the best qualified temporary and temporary-to-hire associates. To ensure our dedicated contract employees know how much we appreciate them and the outstanding work they do for our Clients, we offer a competitive benefits program that has set new standards in the staffing industry.   Over the years, we’ve paid close attention to what our contract employees value in a benefits program. That’s why we are pleased to offer weekly pay, direct deposit, holiday and vacation pay, available major medical insurance, a 401(k) (or profit sharing plan), periodic recognition programs, career strategy development, enhanced online skill-training, resume appraisals, interview coaching, and flexible staffing options.


Our contract employees are paid every week and our work week consists of scheduled working hours beginning on Sunday and ending on the following Saturday. Paychecks for that period will be issued on Thursday following the end of the pay period. Paychecks may be directly deposited or mailed.  If you choose to have your check mailed and your check is lost in the mail, you will be responsible for any stop payment fees.

Holiday Pay

Our contract employees who work at least 500 hours in the previous quarter, based on pay dates in the quarter, are eligible for holiday pay. Our paid holidays include:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

A contract employee must be currently on a project assignment and work the day before and the day after the holiday to be eligible.  The holiday pay will be paid at the current rate of pay.

Vacation Pay

Our contract employees who work at least 1600 hours in a calendar year based on pay dates and submit a request for vacation pay by January 15th of each year can earn five (5) days of vacation pay.  After verification of hours, checks will be issued by January 31st.  The paid vacation is based on the average rate of pay.  The hours accumulate over a calendar year only and cannot be carried over from year to year.

Group Coverage

Burnett’s Staffing, Inc. offers its contract employees a variety of major medical programs to choose from, depending upon the individual’s needs and preference.  These programs may change from time to time and are not guaranteed issue.

Profit Sharing

All employees who work a minimum of one thousand (1000) hours in a calendar year, have one (1) year of service on the anniversary date of the plan, and are over the age of twenty-one (21) will automatically be enrolled in the company profit sharing plan based on two entry dates per year.  The employee must be employed on the anniversary date of the plan to participate.

Skill Enhancement

Skill enhancement is available to employees at no charge.  Increasing your skills can increase your rate of pay.  Additionally, by working certain temporary assignments, an employee can elevate skills, gain valuable experience and expertise, and generally increase their total worth to a company, while at the same time earning a paycheck.

MEC Wellness/Preventive Plan

The MEC Wellness/Preventive Plan is an employer-sponsored, self-funded plan that has been deemed to be in compliance with ACA rules and regulations. More information about Preventive Services may be found HERE. For questions or assistance, please call your Staffing Coordinator.

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