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What kinds of jobs does Burnett’s Staffing have for me?

We currently offer opportunities in Office Support, Administrative Professional, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Technical, Management, and more.

How long will it take to find me a job?

It depends on the needs of our clients as well as your marketability, including your skills, availability, and flexibility. Some new employees are offered assignments immediately.

Do you have positions not listed on your website?

Yes! Burnett’s receives a variety of different positions on a regular basis from our clients and our website is continually updated but not all positions are listed.

Should I consider Temp-to-Hire if I am currently employed?

Most definitely! Many employed candidates feel that Temp-to-Hire is not an option because they are currently employed. However, most employers prefer this hiring method and you will want to leave all of your options open! Compare Temp-to-Hire to the Direct Hire method. What if you accepted a Direct Hire position and it did not work out? It should be compared in a similar manner.

Do I receive overtime pay working temporary or while on a Temp-to-Hire opportunity?

Yes! Anytime a contract employee works more than 40 hours per week for one of our client companies you will be paid overtime at a pay rate of time and a half.

If I am on an assignment and I encounter a problem, should I contact my Supervisor at the client company?

Yes, however, it is always good practice to contact your Staffing Coordinator at Burnett’s as well. You can certainly notify your work Supervisor, as well, but Burnett’s will want to assist you in any way possible.

Do I receive benefits as a temporary or contract employee?

Currently Burnett’s offers several benefits to their qualifying contract employees including paid vacation, holiday pay, free skill enhancement, weekly payroll, available health insurance, and direct deposit.

Do I have to pay Burnett’s to use this service?

No. There is never a charge to applicants.

Will my skills be evaluated?

To ensure that you’re the right candidate for the demands of a specific job, we may assess your skills and characteristics in order to place you in an environment in which you’ll be successful.

How do I register with your company to work as a full-time employee, contractor, or temporary worker?

You can simply fill out an online application through this website and we will review your application and resume and contact you as soon as possible or view any of the positions listed on our site by clicking APPLY NOW FOR THIS POSITION. A Representative from our office will contact you to follow up and an interview may then be requested. Or you may call the nearest branch location and speak directly to a Staffing Coordinator.

How can I be sure that my current employer will not know that I’m looking for a job?

One of our code of ethics is confidentiality. BURNETT’S STAFFING will not disclose to anyone that you are looking for a job. Your resume will remain with us until you personally authorize its submission for a specific job opportunity.
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